At Performance Build Botley, we work with Architects for design and build or with clients own instructed architects. Contact us to find out more.

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Architects Botley

We are here with you to motivate and assist you with the help of our professional Architects.

Our architects will let you know as to how to go about the project according to the priorities straightened up based on the requirements.

When you come to us, there is no hard sales pressure.

At Performance Build we understand

  • We work closely with Architects providing a good working relationship and therefore creating perfect projects as part of a team.
  • We are very much open with our ideas as it leads to faster output.
  • Professional and talented architects who have given us wonderful clients in the past form a great base for our organization. Hence, we value the work they do and vice versa. This means great teamwork is at your ‘door’
  • Materials used in the projects are of high standards so as to enable durability and quality of work performed.
  • Again, the time is taken to design, propose and project the task is within the reach of the client and hence they get what they are promised.
  • Our architects survey the area and plan the design and structure of the house or building accordingly.
  • It is the duty of the Architect to inform you about the safety and sustaining aspect so that these factors go hand in hand with the thoughts and decisions of the occupants. Our architects do it for you without fail.
  • Also, our architects meet the clients and get the complete detail of the outline of the projects before sitting on the plan.
  • A teamwork is an important aspect here, and we believe to bring in the same with regular talks within the team on the process.
  • Cost analysis, the impact of the environment, other miscellaneous tasks such as plumbing, electrical etc., are included in the plan so that when a particular section takes its turn, the related staff is ready to complete it without delay.
  • Again, technology also plays a very important role and hence, computer-drafting is what our architects are well-versed with in order to deliver the up-to-date required technical systems in terms of construction.

TEAMWORK and working with all stakeholders to ensure the clients needs are delivered in time and in budget, every time.

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